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We are very committed to our Green policies (Environmental) to reducing our Carbon Footprint: When it comes to the environment Sound Decision chooses to make a difference. We make daily conscious decisions to care for our planet in a variety of ways.

Generators: we give back 5 % of the of the generator hiring fee towards countering the carbon footprint left by the generator. We encourage clients to plant a tree or to use this return to make a tangible difference and show their commitment to saving our planet in whichever way they see fit.

Batteries: Recycling is important to us. All our batteries from our microphones and other equipment are delivered to an organisation that recycles them on a monthly basis.

Electronic Communication: Being a company that specialises in electronics, we keep as much of our communication electronic as well in order to save paper and, of course, our trees. The paper we do use, we recycle.

We service our fleet regularly to ensure emissions are kept to a minimum. We encourage our staff to bring their 'green' ideas to us and implement whichever ideas that we can as soon as possible.

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