No event is too big, too small or too far!



Audio is of the utmost importance to us. The enjoyment and the effectiveness of the event greatly depends on the sound quality. Our sound engineers have perfected the concept of sound balance i.e everybody experiences the sound the same, doesn’t matter where you are in the venue and it is just perfect!!! We stock the following market leading brands.

PA Systems: A range of JBL and L’Accoustics speakers – Stacked, flown, active & passive.

Mixing Consoles: Various Yamaha and Soundcraft digital and analog mixing consoles.

Amps and Processing: Crown, Lab Grippen, Lexicon.

Microphones: We stock a full range of Shure microphones: Handheld and lapel - UR, UA, SLX, PGX, ULX with accessories such as Distribution amps, Antennae, Countryman headsets,Podium and desktop microphones.

Conferencing: Conference microphones, chairman microphones, translation booths, delegate beltpack and headsets.

Technical Riders for Bands and Vocalists: Instruments, equipment, pa systems, monitors, backline equipment.

Other: Tascam CD players, front of house racks with gates compressors, equalisers, drive racks, BSS active DI boxes and more...

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